If you are planning to buy a new smart phone then OnePlus 7 Smartphone is best choice for sure. Recently OnePlus has launched its next smart phone Model version 7 in Indian Market. And it has become the best mobile phone to purchase in 2019.

OnePlus 7 Features

OnePlus 7 Smartphone
OnePlus 7 Smartphone

OnePlus 7 Smartphone

Price: Rs. 32999 /- INR

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  • Rear Camera: 48 Mega Pixels
  • Front Camera: 16 Mega Pixels
  • Touch Screen: 16.2 CM or 6.41 Inch
  • Touch Screen Type: Multi Touch
  • Screen Resolution: 2340 x 1080 pixels
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB
  • Sim Type: Dual Sim
  • Network Type: 4g Network
  • Processor: Snapdragon 855 Octa Processor 2.84GHz
  • Operating System: Android Oxygen
  • Battery: 3700 mAH lithium-ion battery
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer warranty for device + 6 Months Manufacturer warranty for Batteries


At this price Range, such configuration smartphone is some thing one true mobile phone buyer can only understand. Okay, I must mention the first thing in any smartphone which I prefer to take a look at is its Rear Camera. Before buying the phone I was looking at the model in a mall and I was not aware the configuration and I must say when I took few snaps from the phone and transferred to my laptop. I was speechless. Such high quality pictures. Then I checked back at the rear camera. Oh My God, it was 48 Mega Pixels. It was proud moment for me. I was holding a 48 Mega Pixel Rear Camera Phone. Then I checked its front camera. It was 16 Mega Pixels. This much is sufficient for taking selfie or making videos for Musical App Tik Tok.

Then I focused on the touch screen type. It is super sensitive phone. It can detect easily multiple touches. The size of the touch screen is 16.2 cm or 6.41 inch long. And the screen resolution is 2340X1080 pixels. It means it supports High Definition video format.

Lets talk about memory: It is 6GB RAM. So it can easily play any video streaming with out any buffering with decent high speed internet. It can also run various complex to complex android application easily with out any freezing or similar issues.

It has internal memory storage 128 GB. But this part I was slightly disappointed. I was hoping the internal memory size would have better if the manufacturers have provided 256 GB Memory.
This phone supports two sim networks. Each network type is 4G Network. With Snapdragon 855

Octa Processor with frequency 2.84GHz processor, the mobile phone operations are very fast. It has latest Android Operating System Oxygen installed.

At last the battery. The battery is 3700 mAH lithium ion battery.


Therefore this smartphone is worth to buy as soon as possible for above reasons.