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Abacus A1 PA 615 (7 Eggs) Egg Cooker(7 Eggs)799/-

Abacus A1 Egg Cookers Kitchen Appliances

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Abacus A1 PA 615 (7 Eggs) Egg Cooker(7 Eggs)

Abacus A1 PA 615 (7 Eggs) Egg Cooker(7 Eggs)
Price: ₹972/-

Sell Price: ₹799/-

Product Details:

Method of Cooking the Way-With the Boiled Kitchen to Enjoy Delicious Nutritious Eggs Easily! Delicious food was easy to share. Just place the egg on the transparent round platform gently, or break them and shake for a little while, the tempting egg fragrance will welcome you. The boiled egg cooks prepare your family with fresh nutrients, bring a good day. The pursuit of fashion and health services is a unique lifestyle. convenient and nutritious, can make soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs in minutes, shelf Interior with capacity for eggs upright. good to eat: special design, rich elasticity, no fishy smell, maintain nutrition. no explosion: the only winery design to make the egg did not burst when heated Shell conveniently: easy to peel the eggshell, without stick. Safety: Auto-Power-Off once Running Dry Water Easy to clean: Stainless steel bottom design, quick heat dissipation, easy to clean. saves time and money: fast to cook, need no one to take care of, only needs 0.6 degrees of energy consumption to cook 0.05 degree eggs. Can cook eggs, comfortable and quick Automatically turned off when the water is dry Transparent lid you can see the status of food cleanly measuring cup with scale can cook eggs to your desired hardness Duarable and easy to wash Measuring water: add water according to grade cooked egg. Eggs preparation: drill a small hole in the eggs with the tip of the measuring cup to prevent eggs explosion. Boiling Point: On, red indicator lights. Will turn off automatically when the water dries.

Cooking Modes: Soft Boiled
Power Consumed: 350 W


  • In the box
    : 1 egg poacher
  • General
    Brand: Abacus A1
    Model Number: PA 615 (7 Eggs)
    Number of Eggs Boiled: 7
    Cooking Modes: Soft Boiled
  • Convenience Features
    Non-stick Coating: No
  • Power Features
    Power Consumption: 350 W

Product TitleAbacus A1 PA 615 (7 Eggs) Egg Cooker(7 Eggs)
Product BrandAbacus A1
Product Price₹799/-
Product TypeKitchen Appliances, Egg Cookers